My name is Liz Diaz Yabuku, I started my work in the world of counseling as a bachelor level clinician over ten years ago. I have worked throughout the community providing in home service. Throughout those early years as a clinician I worked hard to develop relationships with other professionals and build alliances with referral sources and other stakeholders for the cases that I served. I am grateful to have earned a reputation for providing quality service to families in need. After many years in the field, I eventually pursued and completed my master’s degree and eventually became a Licensed Professional Counselor.  The world of private practice was certainly a change from the community based work I had been doing but adjusting to those differences was not my biggest hurtle. As I entered the world of private practice my journey into this field took a few interesting turns and, let’s just say, the ride turned out to be quite a bumpy one.

I share this story with you today because it is what has led me to establish a community of support for you, my colleagues. I learned some really tough lessons as I attempted to get this new phase of my career off the ground. I learned lessons that I honestly didn’t think I would or should  have had to learn in a field that is comprised of “Helpers.” I was disappointed but more importantly, I was disheartened. Then, I remembered. I remembered not only WHO I am but WHAT I am.

I am a HELPER. Always have been and always will be. It is what I do best even though it’s also what often gets me into my biggest troubles 😉 That being said, a passion for helping my fellow professionals quickly developed. The Therapist’s Support Group was soon born and this has become a movement that continues to grow today.

We are a group of individuals who educate, motivate, and support one another. We keep ourselves up to date on the latest issues regarding our field and we keep each other uplifted as we continue to be productive in our respective professional endeavors. We support each other in honing our craft and place a huge focus on ethically driven professional growth. Our goal is to create a wave of well-respected professionals who will continue to strengthen this profession, individually and collectively. Join us!