The Professional Tribe



You have found your way to the SPRIGS Counseling Collaborative Resource Hub. We are glad you are here! This resource center was created to fill the needs of new or up and coming clinicians trying to navigate the complicated balance of being a helper and a business person.

This group has become a movement made up of kind, collaborative, supportive, and validating professionals. It is a movement that continues to grow everyday. We are a group of individuals who educate, motivate, and support one another. We try to keep ourselves up to date on the latest issues regarding our field and we keep each other uplifted as we continue to be productive in our respective professional endeavors. We support one another as we hone our craft as individuals and a collective. We do this while placing a huge focus on ethically driven professional growth.

Our goal is to create a wave of well-respected professionals who will continue to strengthen this profession, individually and collectively.

Join us!


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