Connecting with your therapist is an important part of the process. Not everyone will be the right fit for you and your family.  Your first session should be about getting to know the therapist and determining how comfortable you are with him/her.

That is why your first session will always be on us!


Sometimes we need to share our thoughts with someone who can be trusted not to judge how life’s toughest blows have affected us. A safe space to talk honestly about things we wouldn’t share with just anyone. This doesn’t make us broken, it makes us ‘Human.’

As therapists, it is our job to make you feel comfortable and safe in what is undoubtedly one of the most vulnerable situations one can be in. It is important that you feel we are working together to address your needs in a partnership of trust and respect.

Therapy for Children

Therapy can be a scary thing to tackle for any adult. When it is about a child in need of therapy, scary doesn’t begin to describe it. As play therapists we work to help children achieve their greatest potential. That includes working with the parents to navigate the challenges of raising a happy and healthy child. We aim to empower parents to recognize their strengths, trust in their own ability to parent, and support their children in their own journey.

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